AiMTech provides first-class IT services for SMEs. Our focus is on customer experience, taking care of your IT while leaving you to concentrate on business.

We don’t just provide one-off solutions, we create an IT strategy for our clients to ensure long-term success and an approach to technology that evolves with your business.

We understand

The impact on your business when unable to log in or send emails at critical times
The importance of a proactive and automated 24/7 service to safeguard your business
The need to deliver bespoke customer IT support

Driven by our people

Centrally located offices
We meet with you to produce a tailored and aligned strategy
Our agile team are always willing to go the extra mile
We invest in our people to serve you better

We offer

20+ years’ experience of providing IT solutions for businesses

A bespoke IT strategy

Scheduled on-site support

Remote support as needed



AimTech is all about offering world class IT services to support your business. We offer a fully flexible and cost effective approach to our consultancy as we understand every individual has different needs.

We are passionate about making a difference.